Family Therapy Wellington

What is a family?

The definition of family has changed significantly over the years. For my grandparents, extended family lived together, with grandparents helping to raise their grandchildren. For my parents, there was the nuclear family. Now, family can mean many things and in New Zealand includes whānau. Family can be couples without children, families can be same sex couples (with or without children), families can be those who choose to join together outside of traditional concepts (such as those in polyamorous relationships) – there are many possibilities. However you define your family, we are here in Wellington to help when times get tough.

What is therapy?

Therapy or counselling involves helping people with personal mental health issues and interpersonal (relationship) issues. Some counselling follows very strict outlines, assuming the therapist is the “expert” in counsellling. Other modalities, such as Narrative Therapy, assume the clients are the experts in their own lives. This shift can be dramatic, changing not only the dynamics with the therapist or counsellor and clients, but also (some might argue) more empowers the families being counselled to work through their own issues – both within therapy and in future experiences outside of the therapeutic environment. So, the definitions and practices of therapy can be very broad and have significant impact on the results of counselling.

Why Wellington?

If you are local to Wellington, you know why we chose this beautiful city for our services. If you are wondering if you want local counselling in Wellington, we are here for your family. If you find yourself unable to make it to the city, ask how we might be able to help you online.

Why Narratives Aotearoa?

Narratives Aotearoa Ltd has been established to help your family, including by emphasising a counselling and therapy approach that was developed right here in New Zealand and Australia – Narrative Therapy. The Australian and Kiwi therapists who started Narrative Therapy were working with families and realised that they could develop new ways to help their clients. We extend that tradition of service to families by offering Narrative Therapy to whānau in Wellington.

If you are looking for family therapy in Wellington, contact us to see how we can help!