Imagining the Stories of Others

I love history! It makes me think, dream and imagine. It gives me greater empathy, by stepping into the experiences of others. When I was a child, I wasn’t interested in “old” things, but when I turned 20, all of that changed. I became fascinated – so fascinated that I officially added a history emphasis to my degree upon returning to study.

I look at this oven, for example, and try to get my head around it being 2,500 years old. Was it someone’s favourite possession? Was it a gift from family? Was it made on site, or carted in carefully? Did they stand next to it for warmth in winter? What sorts of meals happened near this oven? I imagine, hopefully, that they were family dinners made and shared with love. I imagine someone carefully shuffling over this oven in anticipation of what would be shared around the table. I know what it is to create something for others in love, imagining their eagerness, thankfulness and joy as we share this meal together. I project all of these things onto this oven and try to imagine the story of those who used this beautifully crafted centre of their home.

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Imagining the Stories of Others – 2,500 year old Greek kitchen

This oven was part of the stories of people who lived long ago. I can almost sense them across the millennia. What things remind you of your stories? What stories would you like to build upon?

That your evolving narratives will bring you strength and joy!

Lee Jordan, MBA, MEd, MCouns
Lee Jordan, MBA, MEd, MCouns