Lee Jordan

Lee Jordan, Director of Narratives Aotearoa Ltd
Lee Jordan, Director of Narratives Aotearoa Ltd


Lee began his life in North America, growing up in the Midwest of the USA. After completing an undergraduate degree and then two years of law school, he decided to follow a dream since he was 15 and travel to Australia. After more than a year in Australia, Lee travelled to New Zealand with his girlfriend, backpacking a week on the North Island and two weeks on the South Island. They decided to move across the ditch and at the start of 2000, they moved to Christchurch. There have been a few moves since then and Lee has become Australian and New Zealander.


Lee’s first counselling experience was in 1983 and then he continued counselling in volunteer roles after he started university in 1985. His last semester in university at the start of 1990, Lee took a course in Person-Centered Counselling and considered this as a career option. Life moved along quickly and Lee got into a number of other areas of study which he thought would allow him to help others.

Bachelor of Arts

Lee studied Theology and History as an undergraduate and finished his BA in May of 1990.

Master of Business Administration

After moving to Australia, Lee took on a number of roles and decided to reinforce his work experience with more study. He started an MBA in Sydney and finished after moving to Christchurch in 2000.

Graduate Certificate in Teaching Second Languages

Lee had been a volunteer tutor to refugees to the USA while studying law. Lee taught evening classes in English as a Second Language and started a Master of Education in this topic, receiving the Grad Cert after completing the first half of the units for the MEd.

Master of Education

One of Lee’s passions is teaching and his MEd allowed him to delve into instructional design and a wide variety of related topics that assisted in his continued development as a teacher.

Master of Counselling

Lee had interpersonal and psychological issues in 2008, with the breakdown of his marriage and at this time remembered his love for counselling. At the start of 2009, he started a MCouns degree and also started training to be a telephone counsellor with Lifeline Christchurch. These separate efforts were incredibly complementary and Lee considered not only how he might counsel people in-person, but how he might use technologies to assist those in need.

Research Interests

Group Therapy, Grief and Bereavement Therapy, Integrating Narrative Therapy with other therapeutic interventions, Narrative Therapy training, Narrative Therapy facilitation models which train others to facilitate NT group work.