Narrative Therapy for Bereavement and Grief

I have been thinking of grief and bereavement work for a long time. It is one of the places where my heart is. Another area is group work. In my more creative moments, I imagine creating the space for group bereavement work in a Narrative Therapy context.

What might this look like? Groups of individuals who are experiencing loss, with facilitation of the group by someone versed in Narrative Therapy (note that I didn’t say a Narrative Therapist). The Narrative Facilitator models the techniques of Narrative Therapy, such as externalising the problem, looking for unique outcomes, Re-membering Conversations and other aspects of NT. The goal is that in addition to helping individuals move through grief, the group members are also learning the skills to apply narrative techniques in other areas of their lives. Ideally, these new skills could even be used to help facilitate other groups for others grieving and otherwise suffering (with proper supervision, of course).

This model could help those suffering and empower them to help others, too.

Something I am considering . . . .

May your evolving narratives strengthen you!

Kia kaha!

Lee Jordan, MBA, MEd, MCouns
Lee Jordan, MBA, MEd, MCouns