Online Couples Counselling Services

Why Online Couples Therapy Services

Some couples live in remote areas and cannot find a therapist locally. Some couples live in small communities where they do not feel comfortable meeting with the local therapist. Some couples would feel more emotionally secure and available from the comfort of their own home. The reasons for online therapy are varied and our services include couples therapy for those outside of Wellington.

Online Couples Counselling Services

Our online counselling services for couples are available for those outside of Wellington, New Zealand. Online sessions are with Lee Jordan (the director of Narratives Aotearoa) and are structured around Narrative Therapy practice (a therapeutic modality developed within family and couples work).

Couples Counselling Considerations

We offer online services to couples, but for those who want counselling where three or more people will be counselled, we recommend in-person therapy. The dynamics of online therapy can make it difficult for all persons to feel heard, as more clients are included in a session. We also recommend both people in the couple are meeting from the same location, as three separate locations introduce technological challenges (lag in video, for example) that can make progress through the session more complex.

Online Couples Counselling Hours

We offer online couples therapy outside of our standard hours, most evenings from 6PM, New Zealand Time (see current time here) and on Saturdays (also New Zealand time). All online couples therapy is initially scheduled for 90 minutes, starting on the hour.

Online Couples Counselling Software

We are able to meet with Skype, Zoom or Signal and will provide our contact details with your first session payment receipt.

Couples Counselling Wellington

If you are in Wellington (NZ) and want couples counselling, we recommend in-person sessions. For ongoing clients, there is the possibility of online couples counselling for those local to Wellington. This can be discussed after your initial session.