Online Learning New Zealand

Online Learning Surge

A lot is happening in e-learning globally, as schools, universities and other organisations try to quickly shift from on-site training to online education in response to the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic. This shift is also being seen in Aotearoa New Zealand, as the Ministry of Education communicates to schools regarding plans and testing of online classes for students

Online Learning Resources

Materials and training need to be available as soon as possible, including video resources, PDF and online reading materials, online quizzes and exams and teacher and tutor support services for students. A process of e-learning that has been slowing moving is now moving at a rapid pace.

Online Learning Skills and Experience

Skills in demand over the coming months will be those related to online content creation, video production skills, online assessment creation and review, the training of organisations in using e-learning technologies and the use of project management principles and practices to quickly and professionally embed new learning into the “business as usual” (BAU) of many schools, universities and other organisations.

Online Learning New Zealand

How we do things will change and we are here to help! Contact us to discuss your needs.