Rhythm to Soothe and Settle

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Drumming helps to soothe my mind. I get into the rhythm and time seems to stop. I focus on the movement of my hands, the sound of the drum, how “perfect” my striking for a given note was and the contact my hand makes with the drum. It gives me a focus that rarely happens outside of sitting meditation. What else gives me this focus?

Some years ago, I began to chant OM. This was a year or so after I had begun mindfulness meditation. Sometimes, I had trouble sitting and sometimes I wanted to experience the tranquility of meditation while not in a seated position. So, I looked into chanting as part of my meditative practice. There are lots of audio options out there! I didn’t like the background music – I wanted just the chanting.

One of the options I found which helped me was this YouTube video:

What did I experience from chanting and listening to chanting? One thing I noticed was that my mind slowed down a bit – especially after listening for extended periods. Another thing I noticed was the sense of contentment that I received from sitting meditation, I could also get from chanting.

If you don’t know if you want to chant, why not just try to sit with the sound of someone else chanting, like on the YouTube video I referenced above? There are many ways to calm the mind. Not everyone reacts the same to all of these options, but when you find something that fits, you wonder how you got by before you started meditating, chanting or drumming.

That your evolving narratives will bring you strength and joy!

Lee Jordan, MBA, MEd, MCouns
Lee Jordan, MBA, MEd, MCouns