The Last Day of 2019

My son has just put away the Christmas tree and finished vacuuming the floor. The sun is shining and we are going to the gym and for a walk, before buying the last minute treats for New Year’s Eve. We generally do karaoke on NYE, but not sure about this year. Definitely time to pull out the darbukas! I have just finished replacing the drum heads, so the sound is fantastic! My son also has his own, much larger drum, so we are ready to play . . .

Wellington New Year's Eve drumming
Wellington New Year’s Eve drumming

The holidays took added meaning for me once I was a single parent. I understood that tradition would be important to my son and we have developed a number of things that we do together at significant times. We tend to feel that life is thrust upon us, but sometimes it is possible to realise that you create your own life. You can make the traditions that are important to you. The meaning might be initially inherited, but you either continue this meaning in yourself, or you go your own way and make your own life. It is yours for the making!