Wellington Holidays 2019

Happy holidays from Narratives Aotearoa! Please note that we will be closed for a couple of weeks from Christmas Eve.

Plimmerton and Mana Island
Plimmerton and Mana Island

It never feels like the holidays, until the pōhutukawa are in bloom. There are many on my drive home from Wellington city, including this one used in paintings and photos of Plimmerton. The red is not obvious from the afternoon sun, but it too is ready for the holidays! When I first saw it while walking into the area years ago, I was struck by how it had managed to grow in such a harsh environment. While Plimmerton is beautiful on a summer’s day and the beach attracts many, this tree is a testament to the winds that skirt along the coast most of the year. From a harsh environment, something of such beauty has managed to survive and thrive – and inspire artists and others!

It is not just trees that survive and thrive in difficult conditions. Your difficulties can make you stronger and you can find that your beauty and imperfections can inspire others!

Holiday plans? I will be wandering around the area, doing lots of tramping with my son and enjoying the Wellington and Kāpiti flora – including the pōhutukawa.

Wellington Counselling Pōhutukawa
Wellington Pōhutukawa