Introduction to Meditation

As I sat down to meditate tonight, I thought I would make a short audio clip of the process of meditation. When I decided to try meditation for the first time in 2003, I had difficulty finding anything online to help me jump into meditating. I ended up reading a fair bit in books and then eventually finding some online resources, before finding a meditation group almost a year after I started my practice.

The waves were quite loud behind me while I recorded this and a car or two went down my wee road. Jack Kornfield has commented on how thankful he was about the road next to where he started meditating, as it helped his practice. I honestly don’t notice the waves or the rare car passing, once I am focusing on my breath.

I once told a friend that meditation was the greatest gift I had ever given myself. It has allowed me to have a new relationship with myself – or perhaps has allowed me to return to one from before my mind became so busy.

Remember – meditation is a practice. Keep practising and you will start to see the benefits.