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Not so long ago, you would have to develop at least three separate code projects – one for iOS (Apple mobile), one for Android (Google mobile) and one for the web (or desktop applications). This generally meant three different programmers (at least) on three different projects. Delivery of the three projects was rarely simultaneous and maintenance and updates for all three code bases and projects was equally problematic.

Apps for Mobile and the Web (Desktop)

With Flutter, you develop in one environment (the Flutter SDK) and then export to all three environments – iOS, Android and the web. The image following is a screenshot of a Te Reo Māori language learning app that is in current development at Narratives Aotearoa. The app is being emulated (the laptop is mimicking what the app will look like on mobile – in this case an Android device) and behind that you can see the same app being shown for the web in a browser.

Te Reo Māori App for Mobile and Web
Te Reo Māori App for Mobile and Web

App Development Aotearoa New Zealand

What does all of this mean for your business? Apps can be developed quicker and released to all of your customers (mobile and web) at the same time. Updates are easier and costs are lower (one programming language and one project, rather than multiple projects).

App Dev Projects

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