The Lost Generation

Gertrude Stein told some of the writers who frequented her apartment that they were lost – in fact that the whole lot of them was a lost generation – and this expression worked its way into both the self-images of these writers (and others) and into the mindset of an entire generation. More than that, we still use this expression to reference the displaced American writers in Europe during the first World War.

Gertrude Stein did us the most harm when she said, “You’re all a lost generation.” That got around to certain people and we all said Whee! We’re lost. Perhaps it suddenly brought to us the sense of change. Or irresponsibility.

While I referenced my hard copy of this interview, it is also available online at

You tell yourself stories about your own meaning, too, and you might not even realise you do it. You have others telling you stories about your meaning and you often accept these without challenge. Would you like to know what these stories are? Would you like a chance to challenge or rewrite some of them? This is what Narrative Therapy is all about!

Beet Kvass

I am a firm believer in a healthy body for a healthy mind. The distinction between body and mind is an artificial one that is not only not helpful, but can be detrimental to mental health. Recently, scientists have begun to consider the relationship between gut bacteria (for example) and mental states. Fermented foods – like sauerkraut (I make my own) and beet kvass – can be supportive of good bacteria in the gut.

So, one of the things I do for my mental health is try to eat well, including making things like beet kvass. It is very easy to make – beets cubed, pink Himalayan salt (or sea salt) and filtered water, put back for a couple of days to ferment. It tastes fantastic and keeps my body happy. Why not give it a go (but be sure not to ferment too long with the lid on, as the container can explode)?

The Australian Aboriginal Flag

In the building where I was taking my Narrative Therapy course, the Australian Aboriginal flag was created in 1971. I asked the Director at the Dulwich Centre if we students could see this historical spot and I got this photo. What a inspiring experience.

Week at Dulwich Centre in Adelaide

I bought this website just over a week ago, while in a week long intensive at the Dulwich Centre in Adelaide. Narrative Therapy started with Michael White of the Dulwich Centre (and with Kiwi David Epston), so it was great to be where it all started, enjoying the course and Adelaide.

I will have more to say about my course and Narrative Therapy more generally, as this site develops.