Online Learning New Zealand

Online Learning Surge

A lot is happening in e-learning globally, as schools, universities and other organisations try to quickly shift from on-site training to online education in response to the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic. This shift is also being seen in Aotearoa New Zealand, as the Ministry of Education communicates to schools regarding plans and testing of online classes for students

Online Learning Resources

Materials and training need to be available as soon as possible, including video resources, PDF and online reading materials, online quizzes and exams and teacher and tutor support services for students. A process of e-learning that has been slowing moving is now moving at a rapid pace.

Online Learning Skills and Experience

Skills in demand over the coming months will be those related to online content creation, video production skills, online assessment creation and review, the training of organisations in using e-learning technologies and the use of project management principles and practices to quickly and professionally embed new learning into the “business as usual” (BAU) of many schools, universities and other organisations.

Online Learning New Zealand

How we do things will change and we are here to help! Contact us to discuss your needs.

e-Learning Wellington

Online Learning Project Management Wellington

Managing e-learning projects from analysis to delivery (and then post-delivery evaluation) can take specialist skills. Our staff manage the delivery of online learning, so that you can get on with your business as usual. We liaise with you and and nominated subject matter experts to understand the change management involved in your learning goals and then document these desired changes. From there, we are able to work through the project of creating online learning that meets your learning objectives, all within a project management approach that keeps you informed of the progress of development.

Online Training and Resource Development Wellington

Resource development for Wellington clients is generally either directly within the Learning Management System (e.g. exam creation in Moodle or Totara) or within rapid development software like Articulate Storyline, Articulate Rise, Adobe Captivate or utilising other Adobe packages. We also develop mobile apps for Apple and Android (with complementary web apps available), for those clients who want more cutting edge training delivery options.

E-Learning Management Wellington

Some want their Learning Management System either managed, or staff upskilled in the use of an in-house LMS. We have been administering LMSs since 2003 and can help you with your LMS needs.

Wellington Assistance

Contact us to see how we might be able to help you with the creation of your online training and maintenance of your e-learning products.

Family Therapy Wellington

What is a family?

The definition of family has changed significantly over the years. For my grandparents, extended family lived together, with grandparents helping to raise their grandchildren. For my parents, there was the nuclear family. Now, family can mean many things and in New Zealand includes whānau. Family can be couples without children, families can be same sex couples (with or without children), families can be those who choose to join together outside of traditional concepts (such as those in polyamorous relationships) – there are many possibilities. However you define your family, we are here in Wellington to help when times get tough.

What is therapy?

Therapy or counselling involves helping people with personal mental health issues and interpersonal (relationship) issues. Some counselling follows very strict outlines, assuming the therapist is the “expert” in counsellling. Other modalities, such as Narrative Therapy, assume the clients are the experts in their own lives. This shift can be dramatic, changing not only the dynamics with the therapist or counsellor and clients, but also (some might argue) more empowers the families being counselled to work through their own issues – both within therapy and in future experiences outside of the therapeutic environment. So, the definitions and practices of therapy can be very broad and have significant impact on the results of counselling.

Why Wellington?

If you are local to Wellington, you know why we chose this beautiful city for our services. If you are wondering if you want local counselling in Wellington, we are here for your family. If you find yourself unable to make it to the city, ask how we might be able to help you online.

Why Narratives Aotearoa?

Narratives Aotearoa Ltd has been established to help your family, including by emphasising a counselling and therapy approach that was developed right here in New Zealand and Australia – Narrative Therapy. The Australian and Kiwi therapists who started Narrative Therapy were working with families and realised that they could develop new ways to help their clients. We extend that tradition of service to families by offering Narrative Therapy to whānau in Wellington.

If you are looking for family therapy in Wellington, contact us to see how we can help!

Online Couples Counselling Services

Why Online Couples Therapy Services

Some couples live in remote areas and cannot find a therapist locally. Some couples live in small communities where they do not feel comfortable meeting with the local therapist. Some couples would feel more emotionally secure and available from the comfort of their own home. The reasons for online therapy are varied and our services include couples therapy for those outside of Wellington.

Online Couples Counselling Services

Our online counselling services for couples are available for those outside of Wellington, New Zealand. Online sessions are with Lee Jordan (the director of Narratives Aotearoa) and are structured around Narrative Therapy practice (a therapeutic modality developed within family and couples work).

Couples Counselling Considerations

We offer online services to couples, but for those who want counselling where three or more people will be counselled, we recommend in-person therapy. The dynamics of online therapy can make it difficult for all persons to feel heard, as more clients are included in a session. We also recommend both people in the couple are meeting from the same location, as three separate locations introduce technological challenges (lag in video, for example) that can make progress through the session more complex.

Online Couples Counselling Hours

We offer online couples therapy outside of our standard hours, most evenings from 6PM, New Zealand Time (see current time here) and on Saturdays (also New Zealand time). All online couples therapy is initially scheduled for 90 minutes, starting on the hour.

Online Couples Counselling Software

We are able to meet with Skype, Zoom or Signal and will provide our contact details with your first session payment receipt.

Couples Counselling Wellington

If you are in Wellington (NZ) and want couples counselling, we recommend in-person sessions. For ongoing clients, there is the possibility of online couples counselling for those local to Wellington. This can be discussed after your initial session.

Couples Counselling Wellington

There are different times and contexts in which couples may seek therapy. Some involve counselling at the beginning or changing stages of the relationship and some are to deal with chronic (long-term) or traumatic issues that may develop between those in an enduring relationship.

Pre-Marriage Counselling

If I had to suggest counselling for any major stage of life, pre-marriage counselling would be very high on the list! Why? When two people from differing backgrounds begin a life together, there are a lot of assumptions that each brings into the relationship. Some assume they will have children. Some assume they will not. Some have professional goals that involve amassing personal wealth, while others prefer a more Spartan life in which service to others is a central life purpose. We all have gaps (sometimes very large ones) in our understanding of others and love can blind us to things we might need to consider before starting a life with someone. A pre-marriage therapist – I use “pre-marriage” as this is a common term, but the relationship may not involve marriage – will help you understand your life goals, assumptions and ambitions and help you to consider how much these might be in alignment with the person you want to marry. This can be one of the most valuable things you consider in planning to get married.

Couples Counselling When Expecting a Child

This therapy can be for those who are waiting for the birth of their own child, those who are going through medical procedures to help with the birth, those who adopt a child or any other situation in which a new life is about to join the couple in a family relationship. Having a child can cause us to reflect on our own childhoods – both the good and the bad. Having someone to discuss these things with can help ease the transition to parenting. There are also expectations each parent has for the other and expressing these openly in a safe environment can help to create a nurturing environment for the expected child.

Couples Counselling for Trauma

Trauma can include may causes, but if a couple is able to talk through their difficulties together – and learn coping strategies for when times are tough – this can help both recover from the traumatic experiences.

Couples Sex Therapy

There are many sorts of compatibility between two people and sex can be a very significant consideration. Some people want to have it a lot and want to explore. Others may want to focus on emotions and familiarity. Seeking counselling when you are struggling in this area can require a bit of bravery, but help to strength the relationship of couples.

Couples Grief Counselling

Just as we might need counselling individually when someone we love dies, if the death deeply affects both people in the relationship, couples counselling can allow both people to share their grief openly. This can help the couple to grow stronger through difficulty, rather than drift apart – or look for understanding or companionship outside of the relationship which might weaken the couple’s bond.

Couples Counselling for Changing Life Stages

Children leaving home, long-term illness, retirement, one or both people moving to a nursing home – having someone to facilitate these conversations can help couples adjust to the changes that are ahead.

Couples Counselling Wellington

If you are a couple in Wellington who might be experiencing difficulty or want to strengthen your relationship, contact us to see how we can help.