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Online Learning Project Management Wellington

Managing e-learning projects from analysis to delivery (and then post-delivery evaluation) can take specialist skills. Our staff manage the delivery of online learning, so that you can get on with your business as usual. We liaise with you and and nominated subject matter experts to understand the change management involved in your learning goals and then document these desired changes. From there, we are able to work through the project of creating online learning that meets your learning objectives, all within a project management approach that keeps you informed of the progress of development.

Online Training and Resource Development Wellington

Resource development for Wellington clients is generally either directly within the Learning Management System (e.g. exam creation in Moodle or Totara) or within rapid development software like Articulate Storyline, Articulate Rise, Adobe Captivate or utilising other Adobe packages. We also develop mobile apps for Apple and Android (with complementary web apps available), for those clients who want more cutting edge training delivery options.

E-Learning Management Wellington

Some want their Learning Management System either managed, or staff upskilled in the use of an in-house LMS. We have been administering LMSs since 2003 and can help you with your LMS needs.

Wellington Assistance

Contact us to see how we might be able to help you with the creation of your online training and maintenance of your e-learning products.

Exercise for Mental Health

Exercise for Mental Health on Te Araroa
Exercise for Mental Health on Te Araroa

Exercising for Mental Health

One of the issues that people experience when they are having difficulty mentally – especially those experiencing depression – is that you find you don’t want to do anything you aren’t required to do. One of the things I learned a decade ago when I was feeling down, was that when I felt down and I didn’t want to walk or bicycle, these were some of the best things for my mood. Why?

Exercise for Mental Health on Te Araroa Walk
Exercise for Mental Health on Te Araroa Walk

Mental Health Benefits of Exercise

Exercising allows you to view the world around you, getting you out of your mind for awhile. Exercise allows you to get fresh air and increase your metabolism, which helps your body to produce natural feel-good hormones. Exercise helps you to lose weight, which can further help your moods. Exercise can help you develop a schedule that brings you out of your shell. Exercise (when around others) can help you to develop more friendships.

Meeting a Friend on Te Araroa
Meeting a Friend on Te Araroa

Exercise for my Wellbeing

I try to exercise each week with my son at the gym and I also try to go on long tramps, either with him or on my own. This last week, I had a bit of extra time – a luxury for me – and I decided to do a few substantial walks. I left home earlier than usual and was half way through the walk before I saw the sun. I encountered two sheep on my travels and had a conversation with one of them. I felt the wind on my face, the air in my lungs and the feel of my feet as they contacted the ground. For those interested in meditation, there is a type of meditation called “walking meditation” and this is something I did, as I felt my body contact the earth.

Exercise as Self-Care for Mental Health
Exercise as Self-Care for Mental Health

Exercise for Your Mental Health

Try to get out, even when it feels difficult. Start with something small and try to add to it over time. We need sunshine. We need contact with other life. Perhaps you can find a friend who will go with you and who will encourage you on days you aren’t as excited about going. Every step helps!

Wellington Counsellor

Counselling Services

Are you looking for a counsellor in Wellington? Our counselling services are available in the central city and in Porirua and we offer therapy to individuals, couples, families and groups.

Counselling Availability

While our standard hours are 9 – 5 weekdays, we also offer Wellington counselling evenings and weekends, with advanced notice.

Counsellor Profile

The Director of Narratives Aotearoa Ltd, Lee Jordan, has been counselling since the 1980s and completed a Master of Counselling at the end of 2010.

Wellington Counselling FAQs

To find out more about our counselling services, our FAQS are available here.

Wellington Tramping Therapy

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Mana Island while tramping yesterday.

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I enjoy walks in the bush with my son. Yesterday, we have a friend from Australia joining us. She was getting away from the bushfires in Australia and will be in Wellington for a few weeks.

What is so good about tramping (bushwalking/hiking)? There is mounting evidence that what people have long known by walking in nature – that there are mental health benefits – is actually supported by scientific observation. In the podcast, Our Better Nature: How The Great Outdoors Can Improve Your Life, Shankar discussed what we are learning about our psychological needs to be in the natural world.

When I walk, I find myself able to jump into the “here and now”. My mind stops racing about all of the things I want to do and I observe the flora and fauna around me. I feel the sun and wind on my face. I feel the rush of endorphines from physical activity. When I am walking, I always wonder why I put it off. We often put off things that support our well-being, from meditation to exercise. For me, tramping has a bit of both of these.

Wellington Tramping With My Son
Wellington Tramping With My Son

It was quite a good work-out yesterday, with very strong winds on the exposed bits of the trail. We did the Taua Tapu Track from Plimmerton to Pukerua Bay, turning back at the Whenua Tapu. We have a few more walks planned, to enjoy this summer. Next is with a picnic lunch!

Wellington Tramping Therapy Taua Tapu Track
Wellington Tramping Therapy Taua Tapu Track

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Wellington Holidays 2019

Happy holidays from Narratives Aotearoa! Please note that we will be closed for a couple of weeks from Christmas Eve.

Plimmerton and Mana Island
Plimmerton and Mana Island

It never feels like the holidays, until the pōhutukawa are in bloom. There are many on my drive home from Wellington city, including this one used in paintings and photos of Plimmerton. The red is not obvious from the afternoon sun, but it too is ready for the holidays! When I first saw it while walking into the area years ago, I was struck by how it had managed to grow in such a harsh environment. While Plimmerton is beautiful on a summer’s day and the beach attracts many, this tree is a testament to the winds that skirt along the coast most of the year. From a harsh environment, something of such beauty has managed to survive and thrive – and inspire artists and others!

It is not just trees that survive and thrive in difficult conditions. Your difficulties can make you stronger and you can find that your beauty and imperfections can inspire others!

Holiday plans? I will be wandering around the area, doing lots of tramping with my son and enjoying the Wellington and Kāpiti flora – including the pōhutukawa.

Wellington Counselling Pōhutukawa
Wellington Pōhutukawa